Your partner to grow people 

and business performance.


People make business possible. Simple as that. 


And at Inspire AG we believe that human know-how combined with business capability is the key to success.


Inspire AG was established to support the agri sector to embrace the power of people and culture. We are passionate about supporting clients to attract, inspire, manage and grow high performing teams. 


Whether it's a one-off project or a complete HR strategy, Inspire AG works to identify how people can be the driving force to improve business productivity, performance and profit.


Inspire AG helps clients to:

  • Navigate the noise and nonsense (read BS) of managing agri workforces 

  • Ensure that HR systems are compliant and aligned to best practice, and

  • Design and deliver strategies that increase production and profit through people.

We have a proven track record delivering projects that take business and industry to the next level. 



Inspire AG is passionate about helping clients to save time, money and reputation by safeguarding their business through compliance and best practice. 

We work hand-in-glove with clients to design and deliver projects that build people capability and capacity, as well as create positive, meaningful change.


Whether it’s a health check or managing the entire HR function – we work with clients to develop a clear plan for improving business performance through contemporary people management strategies.

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Project Management


Our philosophy is to say what needs to be said. Sometimes this isn’t what clients want to hear. But our returning customers tell us that the reason we are invited back to the kitchen or boardroom table time and time again is because we provide practical, no-fluff advice. 


Clients work with us in one of three ways to co-design an approach that suits business objectives, time frames and budgets:

  • On a contract basis for a fixed-term project or initiative,

  • Consultation as required on an hourly basis, or

  • Retained as an internal HR partner for a fixed monthly fee.


Inspire AG is flexible to your needs – we can work at your premises or remotely.


HR Health Checks

Policies & Procedures

Code of Conducts



Team Communication & Performance


Farm Business Boards




Succession Planning


Recruitment &



Employee Engagement
Workforce Planning
& Development
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A great vision without

great people is irrelevant.

Jim Collins
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Hi there! My name is Sally.

I'm a farmers' daughter with red dirt running through my veins. Proudly Tasmanian born and bred with a national awareness of the Australian agricultural sector. 


With more than 20 years' experience working on-farm and with agribusiness companies, I have an innate understanding of what makes ag businesses tick, from the paddock to the boardroom. 


I learnt early in my career that bosses who don't value people, spend an unreasonable amount of time managing performance or problematic behaviour. From personal experience, I can tell you that a good boss lights a fire inside people, not under them. 


As a HR strategist, project manager, facilitator and thought leader specialising in the Australian agri sector, I have made a career out of helping clients turn their visions into reality. 


I have an unshakeable belief that people power agriculture - that's why I do what I do. I'm committed to supporting the agri sector to build better, stronger and more profitable businesses through its people. 

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Image by Randy Fath

Build your people.

They will build your business.

Brownie Wise


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Sally Murfet
PO Box 9, Sorell, TAS 7172
M: 0409 196 861 
E: sally at inspire-ag,com.au
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